Success in today’s world is determined by the combination of EQ + IQ + RQ. EQ and IQ have, for years, been identified as indicators of success. RQ has recently been added in the indicators. RQ refers to resilience quotient, which gauges one’s resilience. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from a challenge, a failure, or a fall. It is pushing through on and not just burying your head in the sand.

Our learners more than ever have to realize that education is important and should not be halted with the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are options presented and there is no way we just allow learners not to go to school because there is a threat to their lives. What kind of mindset are we developing our learners?

As early as 2010, the United States Department of Education conducted a study on how effective online learning is. That study revealed that online learning is more effective than face to face learning. Blended learning, which is also considered an option during the pandemic, is more effective than the previously mentioned modes of delivery. Why still insist that online learning or blended learning is not effective because students might not be fully attentive or their socialization is impaired?

Webinars that focus on socio-emotional and psycho-social aspects of online are made accessible to educators these days. Thanks to these experts who unselfishly share! The American Academy of Pediatrics have been consistently calling for regulating screen time for learners to safeguard the well-being. What do you think will happen to kids who are left to spend time alone at home without attending classes?

Even the World Economic Forum in one of its articles recognized that online learning is effective. It also affords learners to learn more in a short period of time with access to a variety of learning materials. Of course, it is assumed that teacher support is given in terms of the technical and pedagogical aspects of online learning. This support matters in the delivery of effective online learning.

A question have been consistently raised on what online learning can be made for those who have poor or no access to internet. Home learning packets can be made available for them. These learning packets contain modules and a storage device where access to electronically saved data is possible. Radio and TV networks can broadcast educational programs featuring the competencies learners have to master.

Meanwhile, interrupting the incoming school year and rescheduling the opening next year poses a threat to the private school teachers and private schools. Who is going to fend for their needs and their families? What could possibly happen to small private schools? The intensity of repercussions cannot be underestimated should the opening of schools be postponed next year.

If these are carefully being considered, there is no reason at all why schools should not continue. Going to school online does not imperil the lives of learners. Distance learning assures the education of learners despite the threats of a pandemic. Face to face learning has never been proven to be more superior than online, distance, or blended learning.

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