What trends can be a NEWSessity!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made me realize that a mother’s life has to keep pace with the changing world and the uncontrollable factors that have to be dealt with the New Normal ushering in our instant world.

When my voice couldn’t be heard momentarily in the classroom, it is interestingly helpful to have found a platform to express another a part of me, to find means to thrive in another dimension, which is online. In fact, I have been working as an online freelance writer for almost two months as of this writing.

Don’t get me wrong. My most treasured and significant thriving moments are those that I experience with my family; cooking for them, playing with my two boys, and lovingly dealing with a rowdy husband. But, it gives a sense of satisfaction to venture into something, I only used to dream. Online Trending News is the fulfillment of a dream to take writing to new dimension of encouraging people to read and discriminating fake from genuine news, taking a proactive stance on issues, and influence and inform other people in any platform imaginable.

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