Stand with Hong Kong trended on Twitter as netizens expressed support to Hong Kong’s protest against China’s plan to implement a new security law, which protesters believe undermine the city’s civil liberties and self-governance. Thousands of protesters stormed the streets as they vehemently opposed the implementation of the controversial law.

Thousands of Hong Kong protesters gathered to oppose the implementation of the new security law.
Image source: Twitter

Despite the strict coronavirus-related restrictions and heavy police presence, protesters thronged the streets gathering themselves around midday. The protesters defied social-distancing rules and Hong Kong police by staging an unauthorized assembly. Hong Kong police fired teargas to disperse thousands of protesters. Online streaming showed demonstrators fighting back by throwing objects at the police.

The controversial security law prohibits treason, subversion, and sedition to safeguard national security from violent protests staged last year, which lasted for about six months. However, the introduction of the law will does not sit well with Hong Kong’s legislature as it will bypass the city’s law-making body. This law will also enable national security agencies from Mainland China to operate in the city. Local commentators consider the provisions of the law as a nuclear option that would curtail if not end Hong Kong’s independence.

The plan to institute the law received adverse reactions from opposition law makers, human rights groups, and international governments. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned the proposed law as it will imperil the city’s autonomy. He added that the United States stands with Hong Kong.


Hong Kong police fire tear gas on biggest protests since coronavirus curbs

HK police fire tear gas at rally against proposed security law

China Is Pushing Through a Controversial National Security Law for Hong Kong

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