It was only last Tuesday that Norman Mangusin, aka as Francis Leo Marcos, was served with an arrest warrant by a Baguio City court for having violated the optometry law with his unauthorized distribution of eyeglasses.

Internet personality Francis Leo Marcos
Image Source: Manila Bulletin

It was also reported that there is a standing warrant of arrest served against Mangusin for having violated RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act. He is also facing qualified trafficking charges.

Charges contiue to unfold as the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) detained the internet personality. The NBI has found valid grounds that Mangusin violated the provisions of the anti-alias law and the passport law for having procured his passport by falsifying documents by using a different name.

The bureau is also looking into the possibility of the YouTube vlogger inciting sedition when he urged the rich to help the poor in his climactic “Mayaman Challenge” in his YouTube video. The video raked up million views and catapulted Mangusin to fame.

After posting a bail on Tuesday, Mangusin issued a statement to the press that he is facing persecution and is being politicized for his “helpful actions”. The controversial online personality is currently detained at the NBI.

Are his latest charges going to be the last or are we expecting more charges against the once acclaimed YouTube personality?

Written by Online Trending News

The COVID-19 pandemic has made me realize that a mother's life has to keep pace with the changing world and the uncontrollable factors that have to be dealt with the New Normal ushering in our instant world. When my voice couldn't be heard momentarily in the classroom, it is interestingly helpful to have found a platform to express another a part of me, to find means to thrive in another dimension, which is online. Don't get me wrong. My most treasured and significant thriving moments are those that I experience with my family; cooking for my family, playing with my two boys, and lovingly dealing with a rowdy husband.

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